Totally Wicked / UKVB


Totally Wicked / UKVB

UK Vapour Brands has transformed the former Accrington Fire Station Site, a grade 2 listed building, into a state of the art business headquarters.

The site incorporates a modern working environment with ample warehouse space, a fully kitted gym, roof terrace and picturesque views making UK Vapour Brands’ new headquarters more than just a work space. Gym Gear were thrilled to be involved in such an exciting project.


UK Vapour Brands are committed to providing the highest standards of working environments for their employees, and for this new project they wanted to incorporate a fully equipped gym to help their staff maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Design and Planning

Like most corporate gyms space was a premium therefore it was vital to design the gym in our software and produce 3d visuals so we could ensure the gym would not be overcrowded with equipment and still met the objective.

Equipment Installed

The gym needed to appeal to a wide audience, not all of whom currently use a gym. To engage new gym users the gym gear entertainment series cardio was installed with internet connectivity, fitness app, virtual programs and TV. A range of free weights equipment including dumbbells, benches, barbells and bumper plates were installed along with our Elite series 4 station multi jungle. The floor was fitted with our 30mm Rubber tiles to protect the subfloor from the weights being dropped and to help insulate the offices below from any vibration.


The overall project has been a huge success and UK Vapour Brands are pleased with the level of employee participation in the gym. A healthier and happier workforce should result in fewer sick days and increased productivity over the next 12 months.


T98e Entertainment Commercial Treadmill


C98e Entertainment Upright Bike


RowErg (Standard)


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