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Colne Sports Centre

New M Sport Plus Spin Bikes installed at Pendle Leisure – Colne Sports Centre.

Complete with a magnetic braking system coupled with the rear drive configuration, this bike meets the highest standards. The integrated display offers all the standard feedback whilst also displaying the resistance levels when in use. This feature makes it ideal for any class use. The M Sport Plus is biomechanically designed and tested by our existing clients to ensure both a comfortable and effective workout. The quality construction and tuff coat paint ensure long-lasting durability time and time again.

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We also supplied KO8’s Suspension / Resistance Bands.

So what is a KO8?

“The most versatile piece of performance kit you can buy. Our philosophy on being able to train anywhere / anytime and make full use of our surroundings is what created the KO8 bands, and what has driven us to supply you with all the tools needed to get in the shape of your life no matter what your starting level of fitness may be. With the range of resistance settings from beginner to super advanced our workouts will test the hardcore housewives to elite athletes. And we will be with you every step of the way through our online tutorials, which contains 6 workouts, plus videos online that will be constantly updated each week.”

The Feedback from the staff and members has been very positive. 

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