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Cable Attachments

Cable Attachments

Gym Gear has a brilliant selection of cable attachments as part of the strength equipment collection.

Cable attachments are there to enhance weight-training - this range is ideal for use with any Gym Gear adjustable pulley machine or multi-gym and can be used for both commercial gyms and home gyms.

In our cable attachments range, we have:

Canvas Stirrup Handle

Canvas Stirrup Handle (Multi Length)

EZ Curl Bar

Tricep Pressdown Bar

Pivoting Tricep Pressdown Bar

50cm / 20″ Straight Bar

Multi Exercise Bar

48” Standard Grip Lat Pulldown Bar (Wide)

36” Standard Grip Lat Pulldown Bar (Narrow)

38″ Parallel Grip Lat Pulldown Bar (Wide)

24″ Parallel Grip Lat Pulldown Bar (Narrow)

Seated Row / Chinning Bar

Deluxe Stirrup Handle

Tricep Pressdown Rope (Double)

Tricep Pressdown Rope (Single)

All of our premium quality cable attachments are strong and durable and made with the user in mind. We recommend that gym owners and strength training enthusiasts invest in a variety of cable attachments to make the most out of training sessions.

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