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We’re delighted to offer a fantastic range of high-quality kettlebells as part of our selection of studio equipment.

Kettlebells are really popular for commercial gyms, studio gyms, and home gyms. These are versatile pieces of equipment that can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises, especially in functional training, and can give a full-body workout.

They can be used for improving strength, endurance, coordination, balance, burning fat, increasing range of motion, and more.

Our rubber kettlebells come in the weight options of 4 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, 14 kg, 16 kg, 18 kg, 20 kg, and 24 kg. You can buy them individually or in a set of 8 (4 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, 16 kg, 20 kg, 24 kg).

They’re made from solid chrome which means they’re extra durable and they have a rubber coating to help protect both the kettlebells and your floors. Our kettlebells have a flat base so that you can store them easily and they don’t roll around when you’re using them. They’re balanced perfectly to give users the best possible control as they work out.

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