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Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls

Gym Gear has an excellent-quality selection of medicine balls for commercial gyms, home gyms, studio gyms, and more.

Medicine balls are awesome for strength training, functional training, and rehabilitation. They’re weighted balls that can give users a full-body workout. They’re designed for high-impact and can improve core strength, balance, coordination, and a whole lot more. Medicine balls are must-haves for any commercial gym.

We offer both classic medicine balls and medicine balls with handles. Our medicine balls come in the weights 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, 6 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg, 9 kg, and 10 kg. They have a durable rubber coating and a non-slip, grippable surface to make them easy to handle, giving users more control. They’re also colour coded for easier weight identification. 

Our medicine balls with handles come in the weights 3 kg, 4 kg, 5kg, 6 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg, 9 kg, and 10 kg. Like our classic medicine balls, our medicine balls with handles have a rubber coating to make them more durable and a non-slip grippable surface for ease of handling.

They’re also colour coded to help with weight identification. However, the medicine balls with handles come with dual grip handles which allow users even better control and the ability to more easily use heavier weights.

Both of these medicine balls can be paired with either the 5 Ball Single Sided Storage Rack or the 10 Ball Double Sided Storage Rack. These are excellent storage solutions, especially for busy gyms or training classes where keeping the floors tidy is essential.

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